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Art to Create, Inspire, & Break Stereotypes. 


Chicago | Austin    

Corona is an artist that mixes elements such as new media (i.e. installations), mixed media (i.e. drawing, painting), found objects, collage, and  photography to convey his artistic vision. His richly textured work explores subjects such as life and death, gender, masculinity and social inequality. 


Challenging the viewer beyond what is seen on the surface by layering different materials and compositions to change the symbolic meaning to create a new one meaning. According to Corona, it’s his job as an artist not only to create something aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but art that is deeper and can inspire the viewer to have a new perspective. To him artistic power is the intersection of life and imagination is where art can be most powerful.


Corona received his formal educations at The American Academy of Art and Columbia Collage College Chicago. He has showcased his work in both the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and Austin, TX the latter of which is also residence.  Fine Art. Photography. Design

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